Proposal: Serendipity-bot : Your personalized creativity coach.


With this bot, we want to help teams solve their daily challenges with creativity. Our 30 day collaborative workshop will guide your team members to generate ideas and be ready to implement them. The serendipity-bot will lead your team members into unexpected areas in order to create unforeseen results.

/// Why ? ///
Most organizations need to innovate. Innovation is often associated with competitive advantage & employee satisfaction. But creativity is not easy to foster in an organization. Workshops can take up a significant amount of your team’s time. Fear of change can also hinder creativity within your organization.

/// Our goal ///
The aim of our online Serendipity-bot training is to:
- Foster innovation in a collaborative space.
- Allow team members to make progress in small iterations, on a daily basis and at their personal pace.
- Facilitate creativity in a safe and playful area.

/// For whom? ///
For all team leaders in small to medium sized organizations facing innovation issues with their teams. We also target innovation companies and consultants who would like to provide a self-serve solution for their clients as a complement to their existing services.

/// What? ///

Key principles:
_Nudging_: With small steps, over time, mountains can be moved.
_Gamification_: Games are captivating and fun.
_Personalization_: We are addressing YOU, personally.
_Surprise_: Serendipity is needed for creativity.

/// How? ///
_Short description on the process_

> Focus > Research > Ideation

1. The team representative registers on the website, chooses the type of challenge he wants to see solved, submits the email address of all the persons to be taking part in the workshop and completes the payment process.
2. All participants receive notifications per email with all necessary instructions.
3. During the duration of use, a chatbot is helping to generate and shape new creative ideas. The Serendipity-bot is designed to drive the team member into unexpected ways of thinking.
4. After 30 days, the program ends and the ideas are gathered, ranked and organized for future reference.

The goal at the end of a 30 day session, is that the team has generated usable ideas and is ready to implement them.

The next steps “Ideation” and “Prototyping” are not in the scope of the bot.

/// Team members ///
Yann Graf & Roger Aeschbach are the project initiators. The Serendipity-bot is a joint project of element design gmbh and

We will need additional help from:
- Chatbot developers
- Innovation coaches
- Design thinking consultants

Additional information on the project is available upon request.

11/07/2018 - 02/28/2019
Consulting, Innovation Design, Software Development

Yann Graf
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