Proposal: Beta solution for the c-mission platform


Do you want to be part of the next job wave of independent contracting and support us in the development of an innovative portal to enable anyone to become a contractor! We are looking experienced developers, legal expert and human resource specialist to finalise our MVP and add some sprinkle to the c-mission solution.

c-mission is an online job platform for contracting opportunities. It is a job platform for newly or professional contractors. The idea is that everyone can become an independent contractor and find mandates with the platform. The concept was initiated by the lack of solution for qualified resource to find a platform for contracts for short- or long-term mandate. We believe that our solution will improve the shortage of qualified staff for companies and give new opportunities for job seekers.
The solution includes an interface for job seekers with interactive CVs and companies to provide mandates. Once the contract starts, the platform manages all payroll management aspects.
We are currently developing our first prototype and looking for programming and database management skills to finalise and rollout our first beta and pilot customers. We are also looking for legal advises about job laws and HR experienced people to complete our team.
The objective of working with Fluxdock is to organise our agile project structure, benefit from exchanges with experienced start-up developer and find some reinforcement for programming, legal and business development. Our objective is to finalise our MVP through the help of the Fluxdock platform.
We also have interest to get the latest tendencies with data science and AI innovations to improve the matching skills of profiles in our contracting portal. Finally, it is also important for us to support the Fluxdock community with our long-term experience in product and digital concepts.

Lausanne, Basel, Z├╝rich and Geneva
11/12/2018 - 01/31/2019
App Development, Database Administration, Software Development, Translation, Content Development


Richard Albrecht & Jehanne Zaki /
0763900177 / 0763888039